Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Covered By Insurance?

At Dentonics, Inc, we understand that money is always a consideration for our Pittsburgh-area patients. And we also know that it’s important to openly address these financial concerns so you can budget appropriately. This is certainly true when you’re considering a teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re like most Americans, you likely have dental insurance through your job or in some other capacity. This insurance can make it possible to keep your teeth and gums healthy. As such, many patients ask us if their insurance will cover teeth whitening.

Unfortunately, the answer to this is almost always “no.” Every insurance plan is unique, and you should consult with your insurance provider to answer questions about specific procedures. But you should work under the assumption that your insurance – no matter how good – will not cover your teeth whitening treatment.

Fortunately, this does not mean you are out of options. If you cannot afford to immediately pay the entire cost of a treatment out of pocket, you can work with us to find a financing solution that works for you and your budget. We work with CareCredit to offer financing plans that allow patients to undergo needed dental work and pay off the cost over an agreed-upon period of time.

If you live in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and you want to know more about teeth whitening or your financing options, please call Dentonics, Inc today at 412-487-6910.

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