Protect Your Health with an Oral Cancer Screening

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an important time to raise awareness of the prevalence of oral cancer in the US, as well as informing people of the risk factors and prevention measures.

These cancers commonly occur on the tongue, tonsils and oropharynx, as well as the gums, floor of the mouth, lips and salivary glands.

According to their most recent statistics, the American Cancer Society says about 49,670 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer or oropharyngeal cancer this year. About 9,700 people will die of these cancers. Oral cancer is much more common than you may think, but catching it in its earliest stages vastly improves chances of survival. At stage 1-2, the 5-year survival rate is 83%, while stage 3 is 56% and stage 4 is 34%.

OralID: Simple, Effective Oral Cancer Screening

So what do you do to prevent oral cancer? You can manage two of the common risk factors: smoking and alcohol consumption. You should also schedule and go to routine dental exams every 6 months. Our dentist uses a simple, effective tool called the OralID to perform a quick, painless exam for abnormal tissues in your mouth.

The OralID is a handheld, battery operated device. It looks like a small flashlight. The dentist shines it inside your mouth. The fluorescence technology makes it easier for our dentist to see abnormalities in the tissue. Oral cancer, pre-cancer and lesions stand out from the healthy tissue under the light of the OralID.

The entire exam takes about 2 minutes and is completely painless. There’s no mess or fuss, and the exam will feel no different to you than if the dentist were to shine a flashlight in your mouth.

Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening

The next step is to schedule your screening! To arrange your appointment in Allison Park, PA, please call Dentonics, Inc., at 412-487-6910.

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