5 Reasons to Undergo Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult

Pittsburgh Invisalign Dentist - OrthodonticsTeenage orthodontic treatment is almost a rite of passage. Leaf through any middle school or high school yearbook, and the thought of undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult might make you cringe. But advances in orthodontics mean that today’s grownups can get the treatment they need without a mouth full of metal.

There are many good reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment as an adult. Here are five of them:

  1. You’ll look younger. A straight set of bright, white teeth is a universally recognized sign of youth. When you undergo an orthodontic treatment like Invisalign to align your teeth, you won’t just look younger: You’ll feel younger, too.
  2. You’ll improve your career prospects. Studies have demonstrated a link between earning potential and a great smile. When you walk into an interview with the confidence to flash your beautiful smile, others will take notice.
  3. You’ll enjoy simple, invisible braces. Adult Invisalign offers a convenient, transparent alternative to traditional metal braces. There are no dietary restrictions, and nobody will know you’re wearing them.
  4. You’ll remain comfortable. Gone are the days of twisting metal to bring your teeth into alignment. Invisalign relies on a series of aligners that are custom built to gently move your teeth into their proper position.
  5. You’ll be done quickly. A lot has changed since you were in school. Orthodontic treatment is faster than ever before, and with Invisalign, you can complete your treatment in about a year.

If you’d like a straighter, more attractive smile, now is the time to learn more about adult orthodontics. Please contact Dentonics, Inc. using the form on the right side of the page or call 412-487-6910 today to schedule your Invisalign consultation. We serve patients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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