Am I a Candidate for Invisalign Clear Braces?

If you don’t want the unappealing look of metal braces and you want to be able to care for your teeth normally, Invisalign® is a clear choice. However, not all orthodontic problems can be corrected with Invisalign®. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for clear braces is to make an appointment with our experienced Pittsburgh cosmetic dentist.Invisalign in Pittsburgh - Dentonics

Good candidates for Invisalign® do have some things in common. Here are a few of them:

  • Good dental health:       Healthy teeth and gums provide the best support for the movements that your teeth will make as you undergo the Invisalign® process. Good oral hygiene is also crucial to keeping your smile looking great once you have finished treatment.
  • Conditions that Invisalign® can treat: Invisalign® can’t treat moderate bite alignment issues. If you have teeth that are crooked or crowded, gapped teeth, mild underbite or overbite, or even crossbite, Invisalign® might work for you.
  • Age: The best candidates are in their late teens or adulthood. Younger patients may be able to undergo Invisalign® treatment, but it is important that the teeth are done growing and moving first.
  • Dedication: Because Invisalign® trays can be removed, it is important to have the self-discipline to make sure they stay in place unless you are eating or brushing your teeth. In order to work, the aligners must be in place for 22 hours each day.

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