Are Dental Implants Painful?

Dental implants are often the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth because they look, feel and perform like your natural teeth and can be permanent with proper care.


Because the successful placement of your dental implants requires a minor surgical procedure, you will feel some discomfort as you heal. The experienced Pittsburgh implant dentists at Dentonics work closely with an oral surgeon to ensure that your dental implants are properly installed with minimal discomfort.


The soreness that follows this stage of dental implant placement can be controlled with medication. We will prescribe a pain killer or recommend an over-the-counter medication based on your unique needs and following a thorough review of your medical history.


The discomfort associated with dental implant surgery is temporary, and most patients believe the ultimate rewards of dental implants—namely a long-lasting beautiful smile and functional bite—are worth the brief discomfort. For more information about dental implants, please see our Questions about Dental Implants page.


If you would like to learn if you’re a candidate to enjoy the benefits of dental implants, please contact Dentonics to schedule your personal consultation. Our accomplished implant dentists welcome patients from Allison Park and the greater Pittsburgh area.

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