Should I Replace Old Metal Amalgam Fillings with Tooth Colored Fillings?

Many adults have old metal amalgam fillings in their teeth. The subject of replacing old metal fillings with tooth colored fillings frequently appears in the media. There is an on-going debate on the safety of amalgam fillings because they are known to contain up to 55 percent mercury. Whether or not dental fillings that contain mercury are dangerous to humans is still debatable, but many dentists no longer offer amalgam fillings to their dental patients. In Pittsburgh, Dentonics, Inc. offers
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Metal Free Dentistry in Pittsburgh: Why Replace Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings present a host of aesthetic and structural problems, which is why our Pittsburg dentists have chosen not to offer them. As part of our metal-free dentistry practice, we only provide tooth colored dental fillings which are stronger, safer, and much more attractive than their metal alternatives. The Problem with Metal Fillings There are a number of problems with metal fillings, not the least of which is their appearance. Even on back teeth metal fillings can be obvious and diminish
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