Characteristics of Award-Winning Smiles

There are a few celebrities who nearly always show up on the lists of the best celebrity smiles. Why? Because they have certain characteristics that are indicative of attractive smiles. Cosmetic dentistry studies these characteristics to help you achieve the attractive smile you desire.

Freedom from Flaws: There are many potential flaws that can lead to an unattractive smile. Discoloration is a common one, but with the spread of cosmetic dentistry, many people have access to teeth whitening. Chipped, broken, or crooked teeth are all other characteristics that can make your smile less than award-winning. Sometimes, though, a gap is considered attractive, especially recently.

Proportion: Proportion is a key characteristic of attractive smiles. Proper proportion among the different elements of your smile: the teeth–the gums, and the lips—and proper proportion with the facial elements.

Youthfulness: Youthfulness in a smile is composed of several different components. First, color. We already noted above that discoloration makes a smile less attractive, this is partly because it makes a smile look older. In addition, your teeth should not have visible wear. This means that your central upper teeth, the incisors, generally should be longer than the other teeth, since they are expected to wear down with age. Translucency is also an important marker of wear and age in your smile, since the thinner, more translucent parts of your teeth are expected to wear down first.

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