Dental Crowns


Some patients have teeth that require more protection or reinforcement than dental fillings can provide. A dental crown is a versatile tool that can protect a damaged tooth, enhance the stability of some dental restorations and lend natural-looking beauty to your smile.

The Pittsburgh dentists at Dentonics use custom-made porcelain dental crowns when teeth are too damaged for dental fillings to effectively treat as well as in the anchoring of dental bridges. Dental crowns are also used to cap dental implants, allowing your implants to appear and function like your natural teeth.

Unlike other dental practices that routinely use silver fillings—which are highly visible and can cause gum and bone defects—we use only porcelain. Porcelain is highly durable, and each of our porcelain dental crowns is individually crafted to protect your teeth from further damage and blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

Dental crowns also help preserve the structure of the affected teeth because, unlike traditional fillings, crowns fit over the tops of the teeth and are bonded to the affected teeth for a perfect fit and flawless appearance without infringing on the gums.

If you live in the Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pennsylvania, areas and would like to learn more about dental crowns and other restorative dentistry treatments, please contact Dentonics to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Joe Quartuccio or Dr. Charles Frye. We would love to meet you, show you our dental home and welcome you to our extended dental family.

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