Do Dental Veneers Stain?

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Dental veneers are very popular with Pittsburgh-area patients who want to brighten and improve their smiles by addressing chipped, cracked or broken teeth. Veneers are popular for a number of reasons- they’re strong, they’re durable and they look great.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive about dental veneers relates to staining. We understand you want to know if dental veneers stain- after all, a bright, white, photogenic smile is one of your priorities.

The good news is that dental veneers will not stain. They will not react to food and beverages in the same way your natural teeth do. Your veneers will retain the same shading during the full run of their long lives.

However, your natural teeth will stain, and it can be a problem to see the contrast being naturally stained teeth and un-stained porcelain veneers. This makes proper dental hygiene vital- if you want your natural teeth to match the beautiful shading of your veneers, you need to brush and floss regularly and see our dentists at least twice a year for a routine cleaning.

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