Ear Pain, Tinnitus, Headaches, and TMJ

Many of the symptoms of TMJ are seemingly unrelated to the jaw. Chief among these symptoms are headaches, though tinnitus and ear pain are common as well. If you are experiencing chronic ear aches or frequent ear ringing, one of the neuromuscular dentists at the Pittsburgh office of Dentonics may be able to assist in both treating the condition and preventing a reoccurrence.

In the absence of infection, TMJ is one of the leading causes of ear pain and ringing. Much of this has to do with the trigeminal nerve, but muscles, joints, and connective tissue may play a role as well. When TMJ is at the root of the problem, the most effective way to treat it is through neuromuscular dentistry.

Our dentists offer a range of TMJ treatments that have shown to greatly reduce discomfort related to headaches and ear pain. What’s more, by treating the underlying cause of pain, the treatments offered by our dentists can produce lasting, even permanent relief.

If you are suffering from ear pain, tinnitus, or headaches in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania, please contact Dentonics, Inc. today to schedule a consultation with one of our neuromuscular dentists.

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