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Pittsburgh general dentist - DentonicsGeneral dentistry refers to the broad set of oral health services that keep your smile vibrant and healthy. From cleanings and checkups to fillings and crowns, an experienced general dentist provides a full range of dentistry services to you and your family.

The Pittsburgh general dentistry professionals at Dentonics, Inc., have served western Pennsylvania patients for nearly a century, and we look forward to serving you. Please call 412-487-6910 today to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Frye.

A Full Service General Dentistry Practice

A qualified general dentist helps you and your family stay healthy through comprehensive oral health services. Our objectives as general dentists are to:

  • Clean your teeth and gums to promote lifelong dental health
  • Screen for oral health conditions before they become severe
  • Treat oral health problems that contribute to disease

To that end, we’re pleased to offer a full set of services that go well beyond making your smile look good. Our general dentistry services include:

Working to Promote Optimal Levels of Oral Health

Dr. Frye work hard to keep your teeth and gums in their best possible health, and when problems to arise, they are able to deliver the most common treatments right here in our Pittsburgh offices. As experienced family dentists, we are proud to work with patients of all ages. We are also pleased to offer mercury-free dentistry to ensure that our treatments are not just attractive and effective, but safe as well.

Dr. Frye recommend that you schedule routine cleanings every six months to allow them to identify potential oral health issues before they become problematic. These cleanings aren’t just good for your smile. Periodontal disease has been associated with such seemingly unrelated health conditions as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, so making time for your regular cleanings now is a positive step toward ensuring good health for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a general dentist in the Pittsburgh area, we would be pleased to serve you and your family. Pittsburgh Magazine consistently ranks our dentists among the area’s best, and we invite you discover the Dentonics difference for yourself.

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