Headaches Related to TMJ in Pittsburgh

One of the most common symptoms of TMJ is chronic headaches. Similar to migraines, TMJ headaches can be debilitating, requiring time off work and a general interruption of your life. However, unlike migraines, treating TMJ headaches requires a customized neuromuscular dental solution.

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How TMJ Causes Headaches

Through your jaw runs the trigeminal nerve. The largest of the cranial nerves, the trigeminal is responsible for a majority of the sensation throughout your face and head. When your jaw is out of alignment, pressure is placed on this nerve, sending signals of pain throughout your face.

Depending on the area of the nerve being impacted, your headache may appear similar to a migraine or a tension headache and, like those headaches, may appear to respond to pain medications. However, if TMJ is causing your headaches, no amount of pain medication can resolve the problem. Only a neuromuscular dental solution in which alignment is restored can help guard against a future filled with repeated head and facial pain.

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