Insurance Options


Statistically we find that 60% of our dental  patients at Dentonics, Inc. have some form of dental reimbursement. However, we are finding that many more companies are substantially decreasing their employee’s dental benefits or are eliminating then entirely.

For those patients with dental benefits, we are pleased that you have it. We do everything we can to maximize your reimbursement. Our staff is well trained in dealing with insurance companies and are happy to fill out and submit all of your dental claims forms. Insurance companies such as Delta, MetLife and UPMC will pay at a percentage depending on the exact coverage you were given. Unlike many forms of medical insurance, dental insurance is not insurance at all, but a benefit to help you with your dental expenses. In fact, the majority of plans only allow $1,000.00 of expenses per year.

Dental Benefits Explained

In order to keep their costs down, many insurance companies will require the dentist to place mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth. They will also require the use of cheaper, less esthetic crowns from China and to use out-dated removable plastic partials rather than to replace a missing tooth with an implant. They are able to enforce this by having their “preferred” dentist sign contracts requiring them to follow their restrictive guidelines. At Dentontics, we have never signed any contracts with insurance companies to place any toxic materials, such as mercury, in our patient’s mouths.

We firmly believe it is our responsibility to inform you of any choices you have to restore your teeth, but it is ultimately your decision on exactly how you would like us to proceed and should not be influenced by your insurance company’s restrictive policy.

Payment Policy

It is our policy at Dentonics to always discuss your treatment and fee estimates long before beginning any treatment therefore eliminating any surprises.

As with most offices, we ask that you pay at the conclusion of your visit. For those patients who have dental benefits, after you fee has been paid, we will submit all claim forms necessary to maximize your dental benefits. Your dental benefits reimbursement will then be sent directly to you.

We accept payment in the form of cash, credit cards and third party payments such as Care Credit to allow for more flexible payment options.

If you have questions about this or other payment options, please call 412-487-6910 today to speak with a dentist at Dentonics, Inc. in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

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