Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Invisalign in Pittsburgh - DentonicsMany people think that Invisalign is only for minor teeth adjustments, but this form of braces is capable of doing a lot more than you may realize. Depending on the severity, Invisalign can correct teeth gaps, teeth crowding, over and under bites, and even cross bites. You’re never too old to get it, and even older teenagers are eligible. Metal braces are clunky and require painful adjustments; Invisalign does the same job with less pain and a clear smile.

Invisalign is a process that uses clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth into their proper position. The traditional metal braces system involves painful follow-ups to tighten or readjust them. Patients with Invisalign simply change their aligners at home and see Dr. Frye every six weeks to make sure their teeth are moving at the correct pace.

Metal braces are fixed in your mouth, causing you to avoid certain foods that are easily stuck in the crevasses. Invisalign allows you to take out the aligner when you eat or drink, and it is easy to clean. The aligners must be in place for at least 20 hours a day, which means you must be diligent about wearing your aligners. Invisalign takes the same amount of time to adjust your teeth as metal braces, but gives you a little more freedom with your lifestyle.

Don’t put off straightening your teeth any longer. Invisalign can work for you no matter what your age and bite alignment issues. If you’re still not sure if you’re a good Invisalign candidate, you can visit our Pittsburgh dental office for an evaluation.

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