Is My Teeth Whitening Covered by Insurance?

Pittsburgh teeth whitening dentistCoffee, cola, chocolate, cigarettes. These are just a few things that can stain your teeth and give a rotten brown tinge to your pearly whites. A teeth whitening procedure can brighten your smile as well as restore the shine to your teeth. Dr. Frye offer several teeth whitening options, including Zoom! Whitening, which can be done both in our offices and at your home to help you achieve the dazzling, bright smile you desire.

Teeth whitening is a great way to restore your teeth’s original shine and color, but is it covered by your insurance? This is a common question we hear from our Pittsburgh area cosmetic dentistry patients.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is considered an elective procedure and therefore it is NOT covered by most insurance plans.

Dr. Frye believe that cost shouldn’t impact your ability to achieve the beautiful smile you desire, and we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry financing options to help you fit your teeth whitening procedure into your budget.

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