Mercury-Free Dentistry

Elemental mercury is a toxic substance known to be harmful to human health. Traditionally, dental fillings and tooth crowns made with metal amalgam were about 50% mercury. At Dentonics, Inc., our experienced holistic dentist uses only those materials which benefit your health and well-being. We are proud to offer mercury-free dentistry. To schedule an appointment in Allison Park, please call our staff at 412-487-6910.

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The Problem: Mercury In Metal Dental Restorations

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), metal dental fillings are 45-55% elemental mercury. Metal dental fillings represent our greatest source of exposure to elemental mercury, more than all other sources combined (such as seafood, air and water).

US health agencies believe this is an acceptable amount of mercury exposure, and that the risks of health threats are low enough to be tolerable. Based on extensive research findings, it is the position of IAOMT and of our dentist that any amount of mercury exposure is hazardous to human health.

Problems Linked To Mercury in Dentistry

Mercury turns to vapor at room temperature. A damaged or abraded metal dental restoration releases mercury vapor. Once you inhale the vapor, it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Mercury builds up in your body over time, possibly for years if you have metal restorations that are not replaced with composite restorations.

Elemental mercury in your body can have a toxic effect. Over time, the immune system may be negatively affected. It may also lead to problems with the urinary tract, respiratory system and digestive system, as well as cardiac health.

Other Drawbacks of Metal Tooth Restorations

Metal restorations have other drawbacks:

  • Any metal dental work is an unattractive addition to your smile. The metal may stand out, so much so that people may be able to see it when you laugh or smile.
  • Metal dental fillings are packed into your tooth, while composite fillings are bonded to the enamel. Metal fillings require more healthy tooth structure to be removed than a composite filling. It’s always a good idea to conserve as much natural, healthy tooth structure as possible.
  • Metal fillings expand and contract in response to temperature fluctuations in your mouth. As such, they sometimes break or crack a tooth. Composite fillings do not.

For these reasons and for health reasons, non-metal restorations are the only restorations provided by Dentonics, Inc.

The Solution: Mercury-Free Dentistry

At Dentonics, Inc., we have always rejected the notion that dental restorations must contain harmful mercury. With today’s materials and technologies, there’s no excuse to keep providing metal fillings and crowns. We choose to provide our guests with biocompatible, environmentally friendly materials and techniques.

Mercury free dental care in Allison Park PANot only will we place composite resin fillings and dental crowns for new restoration needs, we also perform replacement appointments. You don’t have to continue living with your old metal fillings. We can safely and efficiently remove them, and then replace them with composite restorations.

It’s important to find an IAOMT dentist like ours to remove dental fillings. If performed incorrectly, the appointment could expose you to even greater levels of mercury as it is being removed. Our dentist knows how to remove them in a way that prevents particles and vapors from getting into your airway.

Once the appointment is complete, you will have beautiful teeth. The composite fillings and dental crowns at our practice match the natural color of your teeth and do not contain any mercury. They are also durable and will last for many years, possibly decades.

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