Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Elemental mercury is a toxic substance known to be harmful to human health. Traditionally, dental fillings and tooth crowns made with metal amalgam were about 50% mercury. At Dentonics, Inc., our experienced holistic dentist uses only those materials which benefit your health and well-being. We are proud to offer mercury-free dentistry. To schedule an appointment in Allison Park, please call our staff at 412-487-6910.

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    The Problem: Mercury In Metal Dental Restorations

    According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), metal dental fillings are 45-55% elemental mercury. Metal dental fillings represent our greatest source of exposure to elemental mercury, more than all other sources combined (such as seafood, air and water).

    US health agencies believe this is an acceptable amount of mercury exposure, and that the risks of health threats are low enough to be tolerable. Based on extensive research findings, it is the position of IAOMT and of our dentist that any amount of mercury exposure is hazardous to human health.

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