Metal Free Dentistry in Pittsburgh: Why Replace Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings present a host of aesthetic and structural problems, which is why our Pittsburg dentists have chosen not to offer them. As part of our metal-free dentistry practice, we only provide tooth colored dental fillings which are stronger, safer, and much more attractive than their metal alternatives.

The Problem with Metal Fillings

There are a number of problems with metal fillings, not the least of which is their appearance. Even on back teeth metal fillings can be obvious and diminish the overall aesthetic of your smile. For this reason alone many people look to replace metal amalgams with much more attractive white fillings.

More than distracting however, metal fillings can actually harm teeth. Because they cannot be bonded to the surface of a tooth, metal fillings must be packed into a cavity to prevent further decay. To pack sufficient amounts of amalgam into a cavity, a large amount of healthy tooth enamel needs to be removed. This weakens a tooth already impacted by decay.

Metal fillings expand and contract as temperatures change in your mouth, allowing them to eventually crack or break the tooth. They may also simply fall out completely. It is best to replace metal fillings before they have a chance to do this to your teeth.

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