Neuromuscular Headaches


Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of TMJ, a disorder caused by the misalignment of the jaw. TMJ headaches can feel very similar to migraines or tension headaches, but they are not the same thing and will not respond to the same types of treatment. If you suffer from chronic headaches and have been unable to find relief, it may be time to schedule a comprehensive examination with one of our experienced Pittsburgh Neuromuscular Dentists.

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What Causes TMJ Headaches?

TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) is the acronym for not one but several disorders that impact proper jaw alignment. Even minor misalignment can cause excess muscles strain which by itself can result in headaches. However, it is the pressure tensed muscles and misalignment put on the trigeminal nerve that is largely responsible for TMJ headaches.

The trigeminal nerve has three major branches:

  • The ophthalmic nerve, which supplies sensation to the eyes, eyelids, and forehead
  • The maxillary nerve, which provides sensation to the sinuses, nasal cavity, and palate
  • The mandibular nerve, which is responsible for sensation and function in the jaw

Of the three branches of the trigeminal nerve, the mandibular nerve is the largest. It is also the nerve most impacted by TMJ. Pressure on this branch of the trigeminal nerve can easily cause a wide disbursement of pain sensation and result in debilitating headaches. The only way to treat these headaches is by restoring proper alignment to the jaw.

How we Treat TMJ Headaches

The neuromuscular dentists at our office offer TMJ treatment options including:

  • Muscle relaxation with a TENS Unit
  • Reconstructive dentistry for bite restoration
  • Oral splints or mouthguards to prevent bruxism and encourage proper alignment

The best way to determine which of these options is ideal for your needs is through a consultation with Dr. Frye.

To schedule your headache treatment consultation with one of our experienced Pittsburgh Dentists, please contact us today. We provide individualized headache treatment for people living in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

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