The Oral Health Benefits of Invisalign®

During your Invisalign® treatment, you will be able to remove your aligners for daily tooth care. Unlike braces that require special instruments for tooth cleaning, Invisalign requires only your traditional toothbrush and floss. This allows you to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong during your treatment period.

The Pittsburgh dentists at Dentonics, Inc. strongly recommend you visit our office every six months for professional cleanings and examinations during Invisalign treatment as well. These visits allow us to clean and polish your teeth and to detect potential oral health issues unrelated to your Invisalign treatment.

Cosmetic Benefits

Surface stains can quickly compound to result in severe tooth discoloration. When these stains occur underneath brackets and other component parts of braces, they are often glaringly obvious once treatment has been completed. Because Invisalign allows you to remove surface stains both at home and through professional cleanings, this type of discoloration is not a concern.

When necessary, our dentists can even provide professional whitening solutions during your Invisalign treatment period to help ensure the brightest and whitest smile possible.

If you would like to learn more about benefits offered by Invisalign, please contact Dentonics, Inc. to schedule an appointment today. We provide Invisalign treatment for good candidates in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

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