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At Dentonics, Inc, we are committed to providing you with all of the dental services you need. When you come to our office, you can resolve all of your outstanding dental concerns. Our dentists will address your problems, and you won’t have to run around Pittsburgh going to different offices.

Whether you need general dentistry services, cosmetic services, neuromuscular dentistry services or you’re suffering from sleep apnea, Dentonics is the place for you.

If you live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and need an experienced dentist who can meet all of your dental needs, please call Dentonics, Inc today at 412-487-6910 for a consultation and examination.

General Dentistry Services

General dentistry is, essentially, a broad term that encompasses the full range of standard dental services patients need to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Healthy teeth are attractive teeth, but, in general, these services are not designed to achieve cosmetic objectives – instead, they’re targeted at achieving significant oral health goals.

Dentonics provides these services for families as well as individuals – our family dentistry practice ensures your entire family can undergo the dental work they need.

Specific examples of general dentistry services include:

When performed by our experienced dentists, these services can keep your teeth and gums healthy for the long term.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many Pittsburgh-area residents come to us looking to address some cosmetic imperfection with their teeth. And this is understandable – bright, white, photogenic teeth make for a beautiful smile, and a beautiful smile is an invaluable asset.

In these circumstances, cosmetic dentistry represents a solution. With these safe, commonly performed procedures, our dentists can eliminate a staggering range of aesthetic concerns:

If you have a number of cosmetic concerns you want to address in a relatively short period of time, a smile makeover might be necessary.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Temporomandibular joint disorder is a common condition in Pittsburgh. Those who suffer from it experience chronic tension headaches, back and shoulder pain, facial pain and a range of other serious, painful symptoms.

Unfortunately, many of those who suffer from TMJ don’t even know they have the condition – they try everything to alleviate the misery of their headaches, but these efforts fail, because the headaches are caused by a misalignment of the joint that connects your jawbone to your skull.

Fortunately, Dentonics can help. Neuromuscular dentistry is a highly specialized field of dentistry concerned with the relationship between the nerves, muscles, bones and ligaments in and around your jaw. Our dentists are among the few in the Pittsburgh area who are specially trained in neuromuscular dentistry, which means we are uniquely qualified to diagnose and then treat your TMJ.

Sleep Apnea

Finally, Dentonics can help if you or a family member is suffering from sleep apnea. This condition, which afflicts millions of Americans, is usually caused by an obstruction in your airway. It can result in short interruptions in your sleep, many of which you might not even be aware of.

If left untreated, sleep apnea can leave you exhausted, as you’re not getting the restorative sleep you need. In the long term, sleep apnea can even prove fatal.

Dentonics, Inc can help you diagnose your sleep apnea, then find a treatment option that’s right for you.

If you and your family have a range of dental needs in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, our dentists are uniquely well-equipped to address them. Please call Dentonics, Inc today at 412-487-6910.

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