Pittsburgh Headache Questions: Is a Misaligned Jaw Causing My Migraines?

If you suffer from chronic tension or migraine headaches, it is very possible that TMJ, a neuromuscular dental issue, is a contributing factor. In fact, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain cites TMJ as one of the most commonly overlooked causes of debilitating headaches – one that will remain overlooked if your headaches are not brought to the attention of an experienced neuromuscular dentist.

Headaches are one of the symptoms of TMJ. This is due to the problems caused when the jaw is even slightly misaligned. TMJ causes muscle tension and can place excessive pressure on nerves that feed facial sensation. This, in turn, can result in frequent headaches that will never fully go away until proper treatment is provided.

Treating Headaches in Pittsburgh

If your headaches are caused by TMJ, our Pittsburgh neuromuscular dentists can provide treatments that produce long-term relief. By addressing the root of the problem, TMJ treatment is often capable of eliminating immediate pain and preventing its reoccurrence down the road. This can be discussed with you in more detail during your Pittsburgh headache treatment consultation.

If you live in Allison Park, Pittsburgh, or a surrounding Pennsylvania community and suffer from chronic headaches, please contact Dentonics, Inc. to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced neuromuscular dentists.

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