Preventing Jaw Collapse

The roots of your teeth serve many purposes, but one of the largest is sending signals to your body that minerals are needed in the space they occupy in your jaw. These minerals not only allow your roots to anchor teeth in place, they make up the structure of your jawbone.

When you are missing a tooth, its root is gone as well. Along with the root, the signals indicating minerals are needed cease. When signals cease, the body reabsorbs minerals, allowing the jaw around missing teeth to shrink and collapse. Topical tooth replacement options such as dental bridges and dentures cannot prevent this eventuality.

Dental Implants

Unlike dentures and bridges which replace missing teeth, dental implants replace missing tooth roots. In so doing, dental implants continue signaling that bone is needed around a tooth, preventing mineral loss and jaw collapse. This is perhaps one of the largest benefits offered by dental implants – and it is one that is exclusive to these restorations.

The Pittsburgh dentists at Dentonics would be happy to discuss this and other benefits of dental implants with you in greater detail during your tooth restoration consultation.

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