Sparkling Water Can Damage Tooth Enamel

Pittsburgh dentistOver the last five years, sales of sparkling waters have doubled, and Pittsburgh residents have found a new love of the fizzy beverages. The advantage of these bubbly beverages over sugary sodas seems clear, but there is a down side to carbonated water and sugar free drinks as well.

All the sugar in soft drinks is not the only reason they are so bad for your teeth and gums. Their low pH is also a major contributing factor to tooth decay. Often people sip these drinks throughout the day and don’t even consider that they should brush after consuming them.

The component of sparkling beverages that provide the bubbles is a mild acid called carbonic acid that can contribute to tooth enamel damage. Carbonic acid is a fairly weak acid, and on its own it is unlikely to cause too much damage, but many of the sparkling waters on the market also have flavors like citric acid that can greatly increase their acidity. Some of these drinks have been found to be just as corrosive as orange juice.

As a substitute for soft drinks, sparkling waters are far less damaging, but they still carry some risk of harm. Still water, on the other hand, is the ultimate healthy beverage for your teeth.

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