The Mercury Controversy

There is consensus in the scientific community that mercury from traditional dental fillings does indeed leach into the mouth. There is some amount of controversy regarding how much mercury seeps into the body with metal fillings, but conclusive evidence showing mercury vapor leads to internal organ damage.

While scientific argument over the amount of mercury vapor released by fillings is still contentious, even the risk of mercury poisoning is unacceptable to us. To protect your health and preserve your smile, our Pittsburgh general dentists only offer mercury-free dentistry.

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Safer and Stronger

Porcelain dental fillings are not only safer than metal amalgams, they are stronger as well. Metal fillings require a large amount of your tooth be removed so the amalgam can be packed into a cavity. By contrast, porcelain fillings are placed over a cavity and bonded to the tooth, preserving more of your natural tooth’s structure and providing a stronger and more reliable fix. What’s more, porcelain looks like natural tooth enamel, providing a much more aesthetically pleasing end result.

If you are looking for a Pittsburg general dentist who offers only the safest and most effective solutions, please contact us to schedule an appointment today. We are pleased to offer mercury-free dental solutions to people of all ages in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, and surrounding Pennsylvania communities.

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