Why Should I Visit My Dentist for Headache Treatment?

Many people suffer from severe headaches. When headaches strike, many people instantly call their doctor to schedule an appointment. But when your headaches are severe and don’t seem to be responding to typical treatment such as over-the-counter medication or prescription pain medication, it may be time to call your dentist. Our Pittsburgh office provides headache treatment to many patients suffering from severe and recurring headaches. In many cases, headaches are caused by dental stress and can be remedied with an oral splint, a mouth guard, or one of several other treatment options.

Signs that your headaches may be caused by dental stress include:

  • A jaw that feels sore or tired
  • Teeth that show evidence of grinding
  • Painful ears or ringing in your ears
  • Pain behind your eyes
  • A jaw that clicks or pops when the mouth opens and closes
  • A jaw that seems to stick or lock when you open or close your mouth
  • Neck, face, back and/or shoulders that are painful

It is our goal to help determine the root cause of your recurring headaches. If you have explored other solutions to your headaches and nothing seems to help, it’s time to schedule a visit with Dr. Frye for a consultation. Our office will do everything possible to provide you with the relief you’ve been seeking.

Please contact Dentonics, Inc. today to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

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