What are New You Dentures™?

You understand how important your teeth are for chewing and speaking, but did you know they also play a critical role in your appearance, even when your mouth is closed? The skin and facial muscles of your face and mouth depend upon a set of healthy teeth to provide structure, but if you’re missing one or more of your teeth, your appearance can suffer. That’s where New You Dentures™ come in.

As the name suggests, New You Dentures™ are dentures that deliver the kinds of aesthetic changes normally associated with cosmetic surgery. When you are missing teeth, your smile may lose its fullness, and the tissue of the cheeks and mouth can become less defined. A cosmetic surgeon might correct such issues with a facelift by removing excess tissue and tightening the skin, but a cosmetic dentist can take a different approach.

New You Dentures actually correct the underlying cause of your aesthetic issues. By re-establishing the proper structure of the teeth and gums, the tissues of the mouth and cheeks are able to fall as they naturally should, transforming your smile and delivering a more youthful and vigorous appearance. And unlike traditional dentures that might loosen as you wear them, New You Dentures are specifically designed to stay put.

If missing teeth have robbed you of your youthful appearance, it’s time to learn how New You Dentures can help. Find out if this treatment is right for you by speaking with our Pittsburgh cosmetic dentists in person.

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