What is the Osseointegration Process?

When dental implants are placed, the bone of the jaw slowly grows into the surrounding void to create a secure and permanent bond between the jaw and the implant. This process is called osseointegration. Osseointegration happens any time a prosthetic device is used in the body, from dental implants to hip replacements.

Osseointegration is the primary reason that dental implants require separate visits that are several months apart. During the first visit to our Pittsburgh dental office, the implant is inserted into the jaw bone. Over the following months, the process of osseointegration takes place, allowing the jaw bone to grow around the implant so that it becomes securely and permanently anchored.

Once osseointegration has completed,Dr. Frye can attach the abutment and dental crown for a beautiful tooth replacement. Some of the benefits of dental implants result from osseointegration, including the ability to prevent the bone loss that can lead to the loss of neighboring teeth as well.

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