Whitening Deep Stains

Our Pittsburgh cosmetic dentists often recommend Zoom® Teeth Whitening for surface stains such as those caused by foods, beverages, and tobacco use. Zoom may even be effective at reducing the appearance of deeper stains and discoloration, though this depends greatly on their cause.

Satins resulting from fluorosis or medications such as tetracycline cannot typically be whitened through topical solutions such as Zoom. In fact, topical teeth whitening treatments may serve to enhance the appearance of these types of stains by lightening surrounding enamel while failing to diminish the severity of the stains themselves. When this is a possibility, one of our cosmetic dentists will discuss other options that can provide you with the bright, white smile you deserve.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Deep Stains

Cosmetic dentistry options that may be ideal for whitening deep stains include:

Both bonding and porcelain veneers are placed on top of natural tooth enamel to improve cosmetic issues such as severe staining. Which option is ideal for your smile can best be determined during your initial consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists.

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