Why You should Choose Mercury Free Dentistry

Offering mercury free dentistry is our way of helping ensure your final results are functionally strong, aesthetically pleasing, and without the many pitfalls associated with metal restorations.

Metal restorations require a large amount of natural tooth be removed for placement, potentially compromising the integrity of your tooth. What’s more, metal restorations are impacted by temperature fluctuations in your mouth, allowing them to come loose or completely fall out.

In both the Pittsburgh general and cosmetic dentistry practice of Dentonics, our dentists utilize the latest in dental advancements to ensure your restorations are strong, attractive, and long-lasting.

Why Mercury Free?

Did you know the EPA reports that the amalgam used in metal dental fillings can, over time, begin to release mercury vapor when you chew? Also, according to OSHA, mercury vapor can “cause pneumonitis, bronchitis, chest pain, dyspnea, coughing, stomatitis, gingivitis, salivation, and diarrhea,” and over a long period of time may result in brain, lung, kidney, and liver damage.

The bottom line is not only are metal/mercury restorations unsightly, they are also potentially dangerous. What’s more, they are vastly inferior to the porcelain dental fillings and crowns offered at our Pittsburg cosmetic and general dentistry practice.

If you would like to learn more about mercury free dentistry in the Pittsburg area of Pennsylvania, please contact Dentonics today to schedule an appointment.

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