Why Should I Work with a Family Dentist?

Pittsburgh family dentistFinding a family dentist is extremely important if you have children. To serve the needs of your entire family, Dr. Frye offer dental services to patients of all ages, from young children to older adults.

A family dentist is often referred to as a general dentist, and Dentonics focuses on all oral health issues, including prevention and detection of dental issues, and treatment of these problems. Our Pittsburgh family dentistry office is friendly and welcoming, and we have extensive experience providing preventative care and all types of dental services to entire families.

Benefits of choosing to work with a family dentist include:

  • Convenience of scheduling appointments for all family members on the same day
  • Young children can get to know our staff and then continue to see us for many years
  • We build a relationship with our patients that we hope will last a lifetime
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team to treat all dental issues in one location

It’s important that everyone in your family obtain a professional dental cleaning and dental evaluation twice a year. Dr. Frye  see young children as soon as their teeth begin to erupt, and we are trained to help our youngest patients overcome any initial fears they may have. Our goal is to ensure the dental health of your entire family.

If you are looking for a Pittsburgh dentist who is highly experienced and provides comprehensive family dental services to patients of all ages, please contact Dentonics today to schedule an appointment.

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