Zoom® Teeth Whitening in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh cosmetic dentists at Dentonics are pleased to offer Zoom® teeth whitening as both an in-office and take-home solution for our patients. Zoom in-office whitening is among the most effective teeth whitening options available today. With this solution, our cosmetic dentists can lighten teeth eight to ten shades in a single office visit, producing a bright and beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show the world.

What’s more, because in-office treatment in provided by one of the experienced members of the Dentonics team, gum irritation and tooth sensitivity can be greatly reduced – allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a flawless smile without the discomfort that often accompanies tooth whitening.

Take-Home Solutions

While in-office whitening with Zoom offers the fastest results, take-home kits are a better option for some of our patients. Take-home teeth whitening kits from our office provide numerous benefits over those available for purchase in stores.

Our take-home kits come with professional strength bleaching solution that is more likely to produce pleasing results. Moreover, our kits come with personalized application trays that serve the dual purpose of consistently whitening every tooth in your mouth while minimizing contact between bleaching solution and sensitive oral tissue.

If you would like to learn more about Zoom and other professional teeth whitening solutions, please contact Dentonics, Inc. to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Pittsburgh cosmetic dentists.

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