Zoom® Teeth Whitening


Zoom is one of the most popular professional teeth whitening treatments because it is also one of the most effective.

Zoom teeth whitening can brighten your smile several shades with a single application. The Pittsburgh cosmetic dentists at Dentonics are pleased to offer our patients both in-office and at-home Zoom treatments. During your teeth whitening consultation, we will help determine the best teeth whitening option for your personal needs and aesthetic goals.

Zoom In-Office Treatment

The Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure takes about 45 minutes and consists of a gel that is professionally applied to the surface of your teeth.

The gel includes the whitening agent hydrogen peroxide, which is activated by a specially-designed light that allows oxygen to penetrate below the surface of the tooth enamel and bleach away the discoloration. Because the whitening gel is applied by one of our dentists in a controlled setting, there is no risk of uneven application as there is with over-the-counter whitening kits.

Zoom At-Home Treatment

The Zoom take-home whitening treatment likewise features a professional-grade whitening gel that you can apply at your convenience.

Unlike whitening products available at retail stores, the Zoom at-home kit features custom-fit trays to ensure even application with no mess.

Regardless of which Zoom teeth whitening option you choose, you’ll see stunning results and experience the boost of self-confidence that accompany a bright, healthy looking smile.

If you live in the Pittsburgh or Allison Park, Pennsylvania, areas and would like to learn more about your teeth whitening options, please contact Dentonics to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Joe or Dr. Charles Frye. We would love to show you our dental home and make you part of our extended dental family.

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